warrior oneships of the line & the fop

For thousands of years the Gar had dominated the inner clusters of the Galaxy, expanding their sphere of control outward toward the rim. For a thousand years, humankind has been expanding throughout the quadrant of the galaxy where Earth resides on the furthest reaches of the rim. The meeting between the two races was inevitable.


When that first meeting of the two races was over, the humans were retreating in defeat and the Gar were, from then on, ever watchful.† After that first clash, it was another fifty years until the Gar encountered humankind again.† When they did, they found themselves sorely out gunned. In fifty years, humankind had learned from their defeat and they had learned well.


That first encounter with the Gar had been a mistake, a fluke.† The Space Ship Odyssey was way off course.† Odyssey was a science research vessel, although it was armed, it was for defense only.† When Odyssey met that first Gar ship in the far reaches of space, the captain of the Odyssey should have turned and run, he knew the Gar ship out gunned Odyssey.† Instead, he signaled the Gar.† Until that signal the Gar were ignoring the Odyssey, their sensors having determined Odyssey was no threat.


To the Gar, that signal, was a challenge, a challenge that they must accept.† A battle ensued, the Odyssey was almost destroyed, but the Gar left, what was left of the Odyssey, as a message to the race of humans, never challenge them again.


Fifty years after that first meeting, the Gar encountered another human ship.† This time the humans didnít bother to signal.† They destroyed the Gar ship, completely.† The humans left no warning, no message to alert the Gar, just wreckage of the Gar ship drifting in space.


When the Gar discovered the debris of their destroyed ship, they had no idea who had been so bold.† For all races the Gar encountered, until now, had been their inferior, races to be subjugated or if subjugation was impossible, annihilated.


They now had a foe that was a match for their technology and a foe who gave no quarter. A foe who now sought them out and could destroyed them.


Warrior One was the FOP ship that encountered that Gar ship.† A dreadnought class ship built in the Scara Mensa shipyard on Mars, Warrior One was a big ship.† The FOP Fleet had eleven classes of ships.† The dreadnaught class was not the biggest, but it was the most powerful.† The other ten classes are: Battleship Class, Battle Cruiser Class, Cruiser Class, Carrier Class, Communication Class, Destroyer Class, Fighter Class, Command Battleship Class, Supply Class, Transport Class.† There were other types of ships, such as scout ships, shuttles, drop ships, and Gigs.


The following pages contain information on each class of ship along with other ships that they will encounter.†

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