warrior oneships of the line & the fop

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The Federation of Planets


The Federation of Planets consists of Earth, Mars - terraformed in 2265 , Jupiter's Moon Europa - terraformed in 2486 and Ganymede - terraformed in 2753. All four planets have separate and autonomous governments. The Federation was formed on Earth after the class wars of 2595. As each new planet/moon was colonized they were asked to join. They did. Mars became the Federations ship yard, where construction of ships was made simple by the abundant resources and the gravity. Europa and Ganymede provided other resources needed in the construction of the Federations Fleet of ships.


In 2810 the Odyssey, a scientific exploration vessel, encountered the Gar for the first time. The encounter was disastrous, leaving the Odyssey just barely able to limp home. Fifty years later, Warrior One, on one of its first shake down cruises, encountered another Gar ship destroying it without hesitation. Since that time, the Federation has been at war with a foe they have never met face to face.