warrior oneships of the line & the fop

All material Copyright 2014, 2015 by Connor G. Madison

Space Station Class

Weight: Classified

Length: 12,000 meters

Width: 12,000 meters

Draft: 5,500 meters


Crew Compliment: 12,000 Humans 1,250 Androids


Weapons: Missile Launchers: Classified

Torpedo Tubes: Classified

Plasma Cannon: Classified


Range: Unlimited (Limited by supplies onboard)

System Tug Class

Weight: 750 Metric Tons

Length: 75 meters

Width: 40 meters

Draft: 25 meters


Crew Compliment: 1


Weapons: Missile Launchers: None

Torpedo Tubes: None

Plasma Cannon: None


Range: 8 hours operation time